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We help properties in 150+ markets lease up with innovative student-influencer marketing.
Our Story

Swarm was founded in a dorm room in 2017.


We set out to build a service that would allow the Student Housing industry to reach and engage students more effectively than ever before.


We've since managed 1,000+ influencer campaigns in 150+ markets for some of the industry's most innovative companies.

Our Mission

We are here to solve one big problem:

Most marketing services and companies in our industry don't connect with students, cost a TON, and almost always underdeliver! 

We are here to change that for good and  help amazing properties succeed with new innovative marketing services that deliver great results at even greater prices. 

Our Core Values

1. Go the extra mile

2. Always do the right thing

3. Take responsibility

4. People first, always. 

5. Improve daily. 

6. Never settle for "good enough". 

7. Be enthusiastic and positive. 

8. Build fun relationships. 

9. Give more than you take. 

10. Lead by example. 


What We Do

Influencer Swarms

We identify, recruit, and activate networks of the best student influencers in your market. The collective reach of our influencer "Swarms" will allow you to reach nearly every student in your market multiple times each month through organic word of mouth style content that generates real interest. 

Innovative Campaigns

Using a proprietary process we combine the massive organic reach of our influencers with targeted social media engagement to generate followers, awareness, interest, and leasing opportunities for your property.

Modern Housing Project

"Swarm has been our secret leasing weapon, we hope our comps don't find them"

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